California Dreamin'

I recently found out I was accepted to Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California for their Graduate Industrial Design program--and I couldn't be more excited! Thesis has been keeping me pretty busy, so I haven't really had much time to think about it and it is just now really starting to sink in.

The image of this taco stand is from the mstrkrft website, and I always though it looked like such a cool spot. I recently found out it is in Pasadena--not far from Art Center. So hopefully I'll be celebrating there with some fish tacos in the not so distant future.

The plan is to get serious about this blog this summer, so watch for updates--and likely a move to a dedicated website sometime soon.



After a long hiatus, back to posting. My thesis project was due this past Tuesday, so now I have no excuse not to update this blog. So here it is, some images of the model mocked up, and the final boards to tell the story of the Tagged Anti-Theft Bicycle.


Enermotion Sketch Development

Right now in transportation we are working on an exterior development for the automotive x-prize entrant, Enermotion. They are working to convert an Audi A2 into a fuel-efficient and production-ready car which can meet the 100mpg fuel consumption rating required by the competition.

Our task is to create a distinct identity for the car which both aides in aerodynamic efficiency and is still a desirable nd (hopefully) exciting car. The package constrains have made the project a difficult one to work around, but its been interesting as well.

Here is some of the initial development sketches for the project--the the coming days I'll try and get some model shots up to show some of my process.


playing around in photoshop



So thesis is in full swing, so I thought I had better get something up on the blog. Bicycle theft is a huge issue for anyone trying to commute in the city by bike and has been an issue making the headlines here in Toronto a lot over the past year. So my thought is could you design a bike so that the bike itself becomes the method of theft prevention? Hopefully I'll have some sketches to post next week on this...



Our first Trans studio project of the year was to redesign a classic vehicle. To add to the challenge, we were assigned cult, campy and for the most part the least sexy cars in existence. I received the AMC Gremlin and the results of my labour are below. It was a two week project and I am pretty happy with the results as such (although looking back I am not so sure I like the rendering style I used).

3rd Year Work

This blog has been a while in the making, but I am just finally getting around to it. I hope to document my work throughout my fourth year as an Industrial Design student at Humber College in Toronto, ON. Hopefully this will document my thesis progress--and that I'll actually have time to post. To start, a look at some of my work from last year: